Cattle Sponge Rubber Mat

Sponge Rubber Mats Bring Comfort to Lying down Cows

Sponge bed with cows.JPG

Increased Comfort for Cattle 

It is important for cows to be comfortable when they are lying down. Long hours of lying down is necessary for rumination and milk production. Also, hooves get to dry off and rest while lying down which prevents hoof rot and abcesses. Our cattle sponge mat has a layer of sponge underneath a rubber mat topping which is bolted to the concrete flooring, greatly increasing comfort and productivity of dairy cows. The rubber mat is durable and made with quality rubber and is able to withstand 7-10 years of wear and tear, backed by our 7 year warranty. 

Dimensions: Top ¼ -⅓” rubber mattress,  bottom  1 ¼” - 2 ¾” thick sponge

Sponge bed Sponge.jpg


Bottom layer of sponge sits underneath top rubber mat.

Sponge bed honey cone rubber top cover magnafied.jpg

Rubber mat topper

Top rubber mat is bolted to concret with sponge underneath creating seamless comfort.