I like the Sow mat alot because I have older farrowing crates with wire mesh. The sows are on the wire mesh and thier teats get caught in the wire but the Sow mat completely prevents this.
— Jeff Simpson
The Sow Mat worked great! We used it at the county fair.
— Heather Meyer, Sylvan Grove, Kansas

We used the Sow Mat on some sows with bad legs. It has worked really well so far! Also, used in farrowing crate with plastic flooring.
— Jayden Terpstra, Ontario, Canada

I Love the Sow Mat ! It works great!
— Clayton Mandernach

I bought the Farrowing Mats and I really like them !
— Cheyenne, Texas
farrowing pig frm cheyenne.jpg

(I) used the Sow Mat under a lame sow, it worked pretty well, the sow was standing after three weeks .
— Nathan Bos, Canada
I have used the mat for sows in the crates and I really like them. The sows don’t slip on them at all and they stay in place well